Is This It? Meaning and Vanity in Ecclesisastes, Part 1

From July 7, Garrett Brown teaching. In this discussion opener we explore meaning and vanity in our life's pursuits.


Stories That Shape Us, part 4

From June 30, 2013. Sequoia High School director Nate Kavanaugh shares a formative story from John 8.


Stories That Shape Us, part 3

From June 23, 2013. Dave Peters shares about Jesus' pointed encounter with a Gentile woman.


Stories That Shape Us, part 2

From June 16. Former Sequoia pastor Dennis Logie shares a Father's Day message from Mark 10.


Stories That Shape Us, part 1

From June 6, Brad Jung teaching. In this series, we hear from other teachers at Sequoia, sharing key lessons from the life of Jesus.