Game of Thrones, Part 6

From Feb. 10, Garrett Brown teaching. The last king in the northern kingdom was the McDLT of Israelite kings - hot on one side, cold on the other.


Game of Thrones, Part 5

From Feb. 3, Garrett Brown teaching. King Ahaz the Awful: rejecting God's voice removes us from where God wants to bless us.


Game of Thrones, Part 4

From Jan. 27, Garrett Brown teaching. When we usurp God's reign in our lives, we end up missing opportunities he gives us to thrive.


Game of Thrones, Part 3

From Jan. 20, Dan Parodi teaching. We continue our tour of the ancient kings with a look at the weakness of King Ahab.


Game of Thrones, Part 2

From Jan. 13, Garrett Brown teaching. In the conflict of kingdoms we have to choose to control God's will, or submit to it.