"I Am" Statements, Part 2

From April 22, Garrett Brown teaching. The first of Jesus' "I am" statements: I am the Bread of Life.


"I Am" Statements, Part 1

From April 15, Dan Parodi teaching. Our series begins with a discussion of John 1: The unknowable God wants to be known.


Easter 2012

Sequoia's celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.


Spirit of the Church - 13

We wrap up our discussion of the book of Acts with Paul's arrival in Rome. Even in our uncertain futures, the gospel of Jesus always holds promise of hope and the victory of God.


Spirit of the Church - 12

Dan Parodi teaching. When the greatest thinker in the early church met some of the greatest thinkers of ancient Greece, how did the gospel stand up? We discuss our heart for, and our engagement with culture through Acts 17.