Spirit of the Church - 12

Dan Parodi teaching. When the greatest thinker in the early church met some of the greatest thinkers of ancient Greece, how did the gospel stand up? We discuss our heart for, and our engagement with culture through Acts 17.


Spirit of the Church - 11

Guest speaker Dennis Logie. Continuing the story of the early church, former Sequoia pastor Dennis Logie draws from years of experience to speak to divisions among Christians.


Spirit of the Church - 10

Garrett Brown teaching. Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council gives us an opportunity to look at bounded set Christianity vs. centered set Christianity.


Spirit of the Church - 9

Dan Parodi teaching. As the story of the young church shifts to Paul’s journeys, we are reminded of the powerful and essential grace of God. In this message we also here a testimony of one of Sequoia’s members.


Spirit of the Church - 8

Garrett Brown teaching. In Acts 10, a Roman officer and a Jewish fisherman teach us a key lesson: Is there room in your life for outsiders?