Game of Thrones, Part 1

From Jan. 6, Garrett Brown teaching. We begin a new discussion about the ancient kings of Israel, and how their faults provide insight for our pursuit of God.


Christmas Eve, 2012

From Dec. 24, Garrett Brown teaching. We wrap up Advent with a reminder of God's ultimate Christmas story of blessing, rebellion, and redemption.


Advent 2012 - Week Three REPOST

From Dec. 9, Garrett Brown teaching. The third part of our Advent series. Note: this is a repost due to an earlier RSS problem.


Advent 2012 - Week Three

From Dec. 9, Garrett Brown teaching. Our Advent discussion continues with a look at the Hope of Christmas.


Advent 2012 - Week Two

From Dec. 2, Garrett Brown teaching. We continue to look at Christmas through the lens of our calling - this week, love.