"I Am" Statements, Part 6

From May 20, Garrett Brown teaching. The sixth of Jesus' "I Am" statements may be one of the most loaded verses in the Bible. It may also be the most hopeful.


"I Am" Statements, Part 5

From May 13, Dan Parodi teaching. We examine the fifth "I Am" statement: I am the Resurrection and the Life.


"I Am" Statements, Part 4

From May 6, Garrett Brown teaching. Jesus' third and fourth "I am" statements are explored together: The Door and the Good Shepherd. Whose voice do you follow?


"I Am" Statements, Part 3

From April 29, Garrett Brown teaching. The second of Jesus' "I am" statements: I am the Light of the World.


"I Am" Statements, Part 2

From April 22, Garrett Brown teaching. The first of Jesus' "I am" statements: I am the Bread of Life.