God at Work, Part 2

From June 10, Garrett Brown teaching. What does meaningful, satisfying work look like in God's economy? In this discussion, we get some advice from Moses' father-in-law.


God at Work, Part 1

From June 3, Garrett Brown teaching. In this new discussion, we explore the unique challenge of seeking God's design in the work environment. In the first part, we consider the redemption of our labor.


"I Am" Statements, Part 7

From May 27, Garrett Brown and Dan Parodi teaching. We wrap up the "I am" statements with Jesus' claim to be the True Vine. We also hear about a life-changing response to who Jesus is in our community.


"I Am" Statements, Part 6

From May 20, Garrett Brown teaching. The sixth of Jesus' "I Am" statements may be one of the most loaded verses in the Bible. It may also be the most hopeful.


"I Am" Statements, Part 5

From May 13, Dan Parodi teaching. We examine the fifth "I Am" statement: I am the Resurrection and the Life.