God at Work, Part 7

From July 15, Garrett Brown teaching. Continuing our discussion of faith in the workplace, we talk about taking risks in our jobs. Please note: For privacy and security reasons, the audio portion of a video testimony is not included in the recording.


God at Work, Part 6

From July 8, Garrett Brown teaching. With still nearly 10% unemployment in our country, we wrestle with the long, difficult process of joblessness. Sequoia leader Hans Logie joins us to share his story.


God at Work, Part 5

From July 1, guest teacher Tony Gapastione. What place do the arts and creativity have in our pursuit of godly work? Pastor/actor/producer Tony Gapastione has a compelling story to tell.


God at Work, Part 4

From June 24, Garrett Brown teaching. Conflict at work (and at large) is a given - it will always be there. How we navigate it says much about God's work in our lives.


God at Work, Part 3

From June 17, Dan Parodi teaching. As we talk about integrity at work, we look at the ancient story of Joseph in Egypt. Also, special guest Brad Jung shares from his experience.