"I Am" Statements, Part 5

From May 13, Dan Parodi teaching. We examine the fifth "I Am" statement: I am the Resurrection and the Life.


"I Am" Statements, Part 4

From May 6, Garrett Brown teaching. Jesus' third and fourth "I am" statements are explored together: The Door and the Good Shepherd. Whose voice do you follow?


"I Am" Statements, Part 3

From April 29, Garrett Brown teaching. The second of Jesus' "I am" statements: I am the Light of the World.


"I Am" Statements, Part 2

From April 22, Garrett Brown teaching. The first of Jesus' "I am" statements: I am the Bread of Life.


"I Am" Statements, Part 1

From April 15, Dan Parodi teaching. Our series begins with a discussion of John 1: The unknowable God wants to be known.