We know when you consider visiting a church any number of questions come up. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect when you visit Sequoia on a typical Sunday morning:

Our worship gathering begins at 10:30 am, but you’re welcome to come early a grab a coffee in our cafe, Mosaic. The drinks are great, and all donations go directly to our youth program.

As you make your way into the sanctuary, you’ll notice a mix of traditional theater-style seating, as well as small tables and chairs upfront. Sit wherever you’d like. We typically start with some worship through music with our live band. You’ll hear from one of our pastors. We try our best to make the messages biblically on the mark and personally challenging. Before the end of the service, communion will be offered, and anyone who wishes to celebrate the Person and the work of Christ on the cross through this sacrament is welcome to participate. Equally, some choose simply to sit and watch, or pray individually.

If you choose to hang around after the service, you'll find it easy to meet folks and talk to someone you don’t know. Our people come from a broad background of spiritual journeys. In fact, people who are exploring Christianity for the first time usually find Sequoia a welcoming place to do that.

We are equally committed to your kids having a great experience every Sunday as well.  Check out our Kids Ministry.