Discover Community Groups

Discover Community groups are something we do usually in the fall. We encourage EVERYONE to sign up for a night that works with their schedule to share dinner with a group of 8 or so other adults, four times over a couple month period. The group participants remain the same each week and dinners are rotated among participant's homes. These groups are designed to initiate and deepen friendships, eat and have fun. Through natural conversation, personal stories are shared and connections are made. If you’ve never been in a small group before, this is a good entry point.

Life Transformation Groups (LTGs)

LTGs were developed by Neil Cole of Church Multiplication Associates. LTGs are weekly gatherings of two or three people of the same gender who commit to three things:

Weekly Bible reading (not just a verse or two, but good-sized bits);

Intentional and continued prayer for specific individuals; and,

Holding one another to a higher standard of Christian living.

LTGs do not have a "leader" but participants rely on one another to interpret, understand and apply scriptural truths in these small communities. There is no prerequisite of biblical understanding. You don't need to have a certain number of hours logged as a Christ follower. The only requirement is a commitment to the three things mentioned above.

The personal transformation (and deep friendships) that take place from this process is profound. For Sequoia, we approach LTGs according to our commitment to Faith, Love and Hope.


The Walk

The Walk is a one-on-one discipleship process built around the idea that two people at slightly different places in their journeys can make a powerful impact on each other. If you are interested in growing in your faith — even if you are taking the very first steps — we match you up with a discipleship coach, and together you work through a book called The Walk covering twelve basic steps in what it looks like to follow Jesus.